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White House debates changes to biofuel mandates

Some administration officials want to expand environmental credits that encourage production of flex-fuel vehicles that can run on high-ethanol gasoline and would require government agencies to use more of them -- both steps that could increase the use of corn in fuels. ...

Mercedes to join Calif. mpg, emissions pact, report says

Mercedes-Benz, in a setback to White House efforts to ease federal fuel-efficiency targets, may be the next automaker to agree to Californias new voluntary light-vehicle emissions rules with four major automakers, The New York Times reported, citing two people familiar with the automakers plans. ...

Mercedes reviews van lineup as diesel debate dents sales

Daimler is reviewing the product portfolio at its vans division, where sales have been hit hard by doubts about the cleanliness of diesel engines, a top executive said, adding the X-class midsize pickup truck is not delivering sales the company targeted. ...

Care by Volvo faces Calif. probe for possible franchise breaches

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is reviewing whether Volvos 2-year-old subscription service diverts customers from dealers to the company and if Volvo failed to properly notify franchisees and the states New Motor Vehicle Board about the program, among other complaints by the states new-vehicle dealers. ...

Jim Dunne, father of the automotive spy photo, dies

There may have been a few surreptitious images of future cars that appeared in a few newspapers before Jim Dunne came along, but it was Dunne, a widely admired journalist, who made a business out of it. ...

Automakers drive rise in industrial robot outlays

North American companies, led by automakers, increased spending on industrial robots in the second quarter, even as many businesses remain tight-fisted about other types of investments amid a prolonged trade war with China. ...

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