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Mulally preaches routine in times of disruption

Former Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally, speaking at the National Auto Auction Associations annual convention, said consistent analysis is the best way for leaders to assess disruptive technologies. ...

Ford, Toyota recognized by Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push for commitment to diversity

Rainbow Coalition President Jesse Jackson said Toyota seems to have the idea that doing business with us is good for business, not the cost of doing business. ...

With help from AutoNation and Ford, a battered Florida car dealership's managers and employees look ahead

The community surrounding AutoNation Ford Panama City looks like a war zone after Hurricane Michael. Still, dealership employees have found a sense of normalcy and routine in returning to the battered store. ...

Nissan's U.S. profit push bogs down as sales slow

Nissan says its push to improve profitability in the crucial U.S. market is taking more time and money than expected. ...

Maserati profit slide, lack of new products is a headache for Fiat Chrysler CEO Manley

FCAs slumping Maserati business is a headache for new CEO Mike Manley after the brands profitability and vehicle sales went into a steep slide. ...

Crash tests show growing safety of new-gen pickups

Crash tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have violently demonstrated just how safe the latest generation of pickups has become, even compared with models from only a few years ago. ...