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Barra 'understands' uproar over job cuts

The GM CEO said what wasnt well communicated with plans to end output at five North American plants were the opportunities the company had for displaced workers, particularly in the U.S. ...

Trump 'inclined' to impose new U.S. auto tariffs, key senator says

President Trump is likely to move ahead with tariffs on imported vehicles, a move that could prompt the European Union to agree to a new trade deal, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley said Wednesday. ...

Speed will make or break future consumer relationships, innovation expert says

DETROIT — Robots will soon replace truckers, oil field workers and cashiers. Amazon can ship packages before customers actually buy a product. Uber can respond to calls for help faster than an ambulance.Yesterdays innovations are as fresh as day-old bagels and, by the way, the pace of change will be faster tomorrow than it is today. Technology advances are upending every industry, says Howard A. Tullman, executive director of the Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepre...

GM pulls disputed 'Real People, Not Actors' TV ad

Chevrolet will stop airing its most recent Real People, Not Actors TV ad that claims the brand has better reliability than Toyota, Ford and Honda, among other brands. ... could be sold as a result of strategic review

The review comes amid pressure from an activist investor that has called for a leadership change or sale of the new and used-vehicle shopping site if there is not a marked improvement in results. ...

Industry must educate consumers about advanced safety features, Conti exec says

Continentals North American CEO says consumers wont value new safety technologies for self-driving vehicles if they dont understand how they work. ...