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EV startup startup Canoo will offer cars by subscription only

Canoo is positioning itself as a boutique California EV brand and said it will start sales in the United States in 2021, eventually expanding to China. ...

FCA shortens shifts at Canada minivan plant to adjust inventory

The short shifts come after the company already temporarily idled the plant three times in 2019. Running at full volume, the plant produces nearly 1,500 minivans per day. ...

Domino's teams with Xevo to offer in-vehicle pizza ordering

Dominos Pizza already known as the tech-savviest pizza maker is getting inside the biggest piece of hardware people own: their cars. ...

SEC urges judge to act, accusing Musk of muddying contempt case

The Securities and Exchange Commission told a New York judge that she should be able to decide whether Tesla CEO Elon Musk violated the terms of his settlement with the regulator and whether to punish him. ...

Tesla, China's Xpeng Motors face off over trade secrets

Chinese billionaire He Xiaopeng has drawn the ire of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and his company, Xpeng Motors, is at the center of separate trade-secrets lawsuits filed by Tesla and Apple. Tesla is accusing one of its ex-engineers of stealing confidential Autopilot information before bolting to a job at XPeng, where He is chairman.   ...

China to reduce intervention in auto, other industries

China will reduce government intervention in its vast industrial sector, the industry minister said on Monday, as Beijing seeks to ease concerns about its industrial policy, core to Washingtons complaints in the Sino-U.S. trade war. ...