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Tesla burning through execs like cash

Its executive turnover is about 27 percent annually, the highest among seven companies in a comparison by a Wall Street analyst....

Audi America names Canadian exec for top spot

Audi America has named Daniel Weissland, CEO of VW Canada, as its new president, amid slumping sales and a leadership void....

VW picks FCA, Kia veteran Saad Chehab to run U.S. marketing

In the new role, he will be responsible for repositioning the VW brand away from its 2015 diesel emissions crisis and toward a future with at least four battery-electric vehicles in the U.S. beginning in 2020....

Audi of America fills leadership void with VW Group's Canada CEO

Daniel Weissland will take over the brands U.S. operations Sept. 1, about four months after Mark Del Rossos abrupt resignation....

How Tavares turned around PSA and GM's former Opel unit

As automakers grapple with rising costs and falling margins, PSA CEO Carlos Tavares keeps announcing record-breaking results....

How Tavares turned around PSA and Opel

PSA Group CEO Carlos Tavares is reporting profit from all of his brands. How did he do it...

Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley - 10002294-P - Engine Parts sku

Timing Belt Tensioner Pulley - 10002294-P by Beck/Arnley

Item description: This Engine Parts Timing Belt Components product is by Beck/Arnley - Precision Manufactured Tensioner. Sealed bearing for long life. Heavy Duty Steel Construction.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Beck/Arnley

Store: Advance Auto Parts is one of the nation's largest auto parts retailers with over 6,000 stores in 40 states. With $5 Billion dollars in annual sales and millions of loyal customers throughout the US you will be offering top quality automotive parts and products from a well known and well respected brand.

Category: Timing Belt Components


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