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The Dangers of Texting and Driving

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There are a lot of factors that should be considered when buying a car, but one that is probably the least often thought about is the credit score....

Car Leasing vs. Car Buying

Car Leasing vs. Car Buying...

300 Watts 6 x 9 4-Way Marine Wake Board Speaker (White Color) - 10233224-P - Other sku

300 Watts 6 x 9 4-Way Marine Wake Board Speaker (White Color) - 10233224-P by Lanzar

Item description: This Other Audio, Video & Cell Phone Accessories product is by Lanzar - The AQWB69W marine wakeboard speaker is constructed with marine applications in mind - its water resistant and work great on the dock or at sea. These 300-watt speakers are four-way, equipped with a 6 x 9 high-quality polypropylene cone, 1.25 high temperature Kapton voice coil, 2 midrange cone, and a 0.5 superior dome tweeter and sub-tweeter. Gold plated plug terminals keep your equipment corrosion-free and your sound distortion-free. Includes a 2-3 tube mounting bracket, custom grill and installation hardware. Product Features:Excellent for Monitor or Surround Sound Applications 6 x 9 High Quality Polypropylene Cone Butyl Rubber Surround Water-Resistant Construction 1.25 High Temperature Kapton Voice Coil 2 Cone Midrange + 0.5 Superior Dome Tweeter and Sub-Tweeter 40 Oz Magnet Structure 300 Watts Rated Peak Power Frequency Response: 60 - 20K Hz 4 Ohm Impedance... Learn More

Manufacturer: Lanzar

Store: Advance Auto Parts is one of the nation's largest auto parts retailers with over 6,000 stores in 40 states. With $5 Billion dollars in annual sales and millions of loyal customers throughout the US you will be offering top quality automotive parts and products from a well known and well respected brand.

Category: Audio, Video & Cell Phone Accessories


See the Price of 300 Watts 6 x 9 4-Way Marine Wake Board Speaker (White Color)

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