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GM considered selling HQ amid 2018 restructuring

The automaker was in talks with billionaire businessman Dan Gilbert last year. They didnt go far. ...

Mercedes tells U.S. dealers that products, trims will be reduced

The Germany luxury kings have seen exponential growth in their product offerings, but for Mercedes its time for some pruning. ...

Nissan pledges hands-free option in Japan as early as fall

Nissan will introduce truly hands-free highway driving this fall when it debuts its second-generation ProPilot system with several advances over the current technology. ...

Plant problems take toll on Visteon

Visteon is working to perfect a tricky new product, and was waylaid by a bungled plant move. ...

Plot twist: The turbocharger ruled the road before the race track

The list of technologies that migrated from race cars to street-legal vehicles is long. But the turbocharger has gone from the road to the track. ...

Why Clarios is sticking with lead-acid batteries

The worlds biggest vehicle battery supplier believes it has more growing to do, even as the industry shifts from the combustion engines that those batteries start. ...

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  • Brake Slack Checker

    Brake Slack Checker
    This tool enables you to quickly check the brake adjustment on class 7 and 8 trucks and trailers having S-cam brakes. Features a sturdy four position handle to ...(more)

    $54.49 More Details
  • Disc Brake Pad Spreader

    Disc Brake Pad Spreader
    Can be used on or off the vehicle during brake pad replacement to push the piston back into the caliper. Thick pushing plate (3/16) and wide, threaded collars a...(more)

    $50.49 More Details
  • Brake Pad Spreader for Disc Brakes

    Brake Pad Spreader for Disc Brakes
    Disc brake pad installation is much easier when you're using this spreader, which fits between the new pads and expands to retract the piston. Leaves your hands...(more)

    $40.99 More Details
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