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Should I pay cash, lease or finance my new car?

So you’re ready to buy a new car. That’s great, but first you need to figure out how you should go about paying for that car. Traditionally, there are three ways to do so: cash, lease or financing. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, and the right choice will depend on several different...

Know What You Can Afford Before Buying a Car

When it comes time to look for a new car, there are a lot of thoughts that tend to enter the mind first: which car to get, what color, how much fun it would be to own. But the most important question really should be, “how much car can I afford” A new vehicle is a large financial transaction that w...

The Dangers of Texting and Driving

While it may seem like an obvious thing to avoid, the ubiquity of cell phones today has lead to texting while driving being an all-too-common sight on the road. On the surface, texting while driving seems harmless enough. When you think about how long it takes to send a quick text message to someone...

What are the benefits of driving classes, and how do they affect students?

Like anything else you plan on doing in life, taking classes for driving is a far better idea than “winging it” or trying to learn completely on your own....

How does your credit score affect the car you buy?

There are a lot of factors that should be considered when buying a car, but one that is probably the least often thought about is the credit score....

Car Leasing vs. Car Buying

Car Leasing vs. Car Buying...

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  • Washer Fluid -20F

    Washer Fluid -20F
    Camco Xtreme Blue -20 Windshield Washer Fluid packaged in a 55 gallon drum. All seaon formula, cleans and de-ices....(more)

    $149.99 More Details
  • Radiator Coolant

    Radiator Coolant
    Purple Ice is a high performance, synthetic, radiator coolant additive. It helps to reduce engine heat by reducing the surface tension of the radiator fluids fo...(more)

    $12.49 More Details
  • Dry Lubricant

    Dry Lubricant
    Liquid Wrench High-Performance Dry Lubricant with Cerflon is a long-lasting dry film lubricant that cuts friction, helps extend life and protects against wear. ...(more)

    $6.19 More Details
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