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Colorado mandates ZEV program

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis directed state agencies to develop policies encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles, including a Zero Emission Vehicle program embraced by California. Colorado would join 10 other states that require automakers to hit sales targets for non-polluting vehicles. ...

4 Audi managers indicted in U.S. emissions probe

A federal grand jury in Detroit indicted four managers at Volkswagen AGs Audi unit as part of the U.S. governments investigation into the German automakers diesel emissions violations, according to court documents. ...

Mercedes A-class to star in Super Bowl ad

The about-to-launch Mercedes-Benz A-class sedan is about to get an A-class introduction to America in the Super Bowl. ...

Trade tensions will outlast Trump, China expert warns

The countries have serious differences over issues such as intellectual property and theft of trade secrets, Mary Gallagher told attendees at the “China Genius Series” session of the Automotive News World Congress. ...

Subaru sees 3% growth in U.S.

Subaru President Tomomi Nakamura is bullish about sales growth in the brands key U.S. market, forecasting an 11th straight year of record U.S. volume in 2019, as it rebuilds trust and sales at home. ...

Nissan production cuts threaten 700 jobs at Miss. plant

Nissan is trimming production at its Canton, Miss., plant as full-size pickup and commercial van sales slide. Up to 700 employees could be idled. ...