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Daimler's new CEO touts green strategy

Daimlers new boss Ola Källenius posted a brief internal audio message via social media in which he called on employees to support a new strategy to fully decarbonize its core automobile fleet over the next twenty years. ...

VW will focus on early adopters for first ID3 electric cars

VWs long lead time for the ID3 will be used to learn from customers why they want to buy the car and how VW can improve its marketing to prepare the right product for the right people at the right time, a VW executive said. ...

Nissan looks for ways to use long-lasting EV batteries

Nissan is testing ways to use EV batteries outside of the car. The automakers data shows that the batteries used by its Leaf will outlast the car by 10-12 years. ...

Former Opel CEO Neumann joins board of U.S. self-driving software startup

Former Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann has joined the board of California-based Apex.AI, which is working to make open-source self-driving software reliable enough to be used in commercially available vehicles. ...

BMW pays homage to outgoing Daimler CEO Zetsche

BMW paid tribute to outgoing Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche in a light-hearted video that ends with a Zetsche lookalike driving off in a BMW i8 sports car. ...

Premium automakers can’t afford the luxury of current business model, analyst says

Sales of premium cars probably have peaked globally, threatening the business model of Germany’s luxury automakers, said Philippe Houchois, managing director of Jefferies Group. ...