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GM motorsports czar Jim Campbell says weekends spent at the nation's speedways are flat-out fun

On race days, Jim Campbell is an ambassador for GM to its teams, drivers, sponsors and racing league officials. Hes there to make sure things are operating as smoothly as possible and if there is a problem, how to fix it. ...

Magna spending $300 million for research, development over three years

Magna will roll an extra $300 million into randd over the next three years as it deepens its interest in electrification and autonomous technology. ...

Automotive News wins Azbee awards

Automotive News won several national Azbee journalism awards from the American Society of Business Publication Editors for work published in 2017. ...

GM will test pickup loyalty with downsized engines

Fords success with its V-6 EcoBoost engines has proved that V-8 engines arent necessarily the default choice for pickup buyers. The question now is: How low can you go ...

Auto suppliers' $1 billion cost to make amends

As the largest price-fixing case in U.S. history winds down, one thing is clear: Auto suppliers that conspired with competitors to rig their bids are paying a hefty price. ...

Nissan promises U.S. pain is short term

Following its 28 percent U.S. sales plunge in April, Nissan promises that the short-term pain will be worth the long-term gain. ...