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FCA prodded dealers to absorb glut of unordered cars, report says

Four dealers said Fiat Chrysler has revived what’s known in industry circles as a “sales bank,” Bloomberg reported. The automaker denies it has restarted the practice. ...

Current and former VW managers indicted over labor leaders' pay

Managers responsible for the VW brands personnel issues awarded works council members inflated salaries and bonuses, causing damage to the company, German prosecutors said. ...

Mercedes plans all-electric variant of G class

A battery-powered variant of the venerable G-class, redesigned in recent years and one of the oldest light trucks in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, could help secure the models future at a time when environmentalists are targeting heavy, less-efficient SUVs with high emissions. ...

Continental Q3 profit drops 20% on auto slowdown

Slower auto production growth hit Continentals third-quarter earnings as the German supplier plans deeper cost cuts. ...

Tata approaches BMW, Geely in hunt for Jaguar Land Rover partners, report says

Deeper ties between Jaguar Land Rover and BMW would build on an existing collaboration while a partnership with Geely would help the UK automaker in China. ...

Nissan profit plunges 70% on falling sales, foreign exchange and rising costs

Nissan reported flat North American profit in its latest quarter and narrowed its loss in Europe, while global earnings fell. ...