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Subaru wants 40% of sales electrified by 2030

Subaru has unveiled its first design study of the full-electric crossover it is co-developing with Toyota as the automaker makes a big push toward electrification.  ...

Genesis' crossover era near

Curious about what the first CUV from Genesis will look like undisguised  Hyundai’s luxury brand has finally provided some answers. ...

Muñoz tweaks Hyundai dealer pay plan amid mission to boost retail health

Dealers said they left a meeting last fall in Las Vegas loving the new vehicles they saw, but not so much the early outlines of the pay program designed to elevate the brands distribution network. A positive outcome to the latest dealer drama at Hyundai and Genesis is crucial as they seek to move from challenger brands in the U.S. to top-tier competitors. ...

For Unifor, hard fight got harder

The Detroit 3 are expected to slash production in Canada during the course of their new deals with the UAW, giving Unifor less opportunity to protect its members in negotiations this fall. ...

Nissan dealers give CEO an earful

A group of retailers gathered at Nissans North American headquarters voiced frustration with slumping residual values and profitability and urged Makoto Uchida to provide faster product updates and greater marketing and incentive support. ...

Israeli auto technology takes center stage

Across autonomous driving, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, Israeli companies have captured the attention of the global auto industry. Their collective importance was on display at CES. ...