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How high-flying JLR lost its way in China

Whats behind the trouble at an automaker that not long ago was being lauded for its decade of success under new ownership ...

Rolls-Royce races to catch up to demand for Cullinan SUV

For Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Americas, the order bank for the new Cullinan SUV is full through July, and the vehicle continues to bring in orders, says Martin Fritsches, CEO of the British brands North American subsidiary. ...

AVs no surefire path to pedestrian safety

Safety advocates are urging road design changes to address rising numbers of pedestrian deaths across the country, warning that self-driving technology, while promising, isnt a fool-proof answer to safety concerns. ...

Sonic warns of weaker Q4 profits related to BMW, Honda challenges

Sonic Automotive for the second time in three quarters has issued a profit warning for weaker-than-predicted quarterly results related to incentives and performance from BMW and Honda. The retailer is set to release fourth-quarter results Feb. 20. ...

GM confirms Buick Cascada dead after 2019 model

Buick has instructed dealers to complete their final orders for the Cascada convertible this month, as production of the car is scheduled to end this summer. ...

232' tariffs pose worst trade threat yet, CAR study says

The economic harm from potential U.S. tariffs on imported autos and components would dwarf that of any other trade policy implemented by the Trump administration so far, according to a new study. ...